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Course Overview

course has been awarded 1 JCAHPO A credit. It is intended
for training beginning, intermediate, and advanced level technicians who
are learning more about pupil function. The course will explain the
basics of pupil function including the pupil nerve pathways from the eye
to the brain and back. This will allow for in-depth training for those
technicians wanting in-depth material on pupils.

This course teaches the following:

  • List the pupil�s functions
  • Identify the muscles which control pupil size
  • Describe the 3 responses which involve the pupil
  • Define afferent and efferent pathways in relation to the pupil
  • Trace the sympathetic light pathway from the brain to the pupil dilator
  • Trace the parasympathetic light pathway from the eye to the brain and back to the iris
  • Identify how to test and document pupil function
  • Explain what an APD looks
  • List and identify pupil dysfunctions
  • Describe how to test for a Horner�s syndrome

    Here is what some ophthalmic personnel who took this course had to say:

    “Thank you, It’s intellectually enlightening…”, O.C., COA

    “Excellent presentation of information…thank you!”, C.S., Laser tech/scrub assistant

    “Thank you! The information was well presented, clearly described and easily understood.”, C.H., COT

    “excellent explanations and diagrams”, K.H., COT

    “Very good!”, E.G., COT

    “Excellent review.” D.F., COMT

    “I liked this, it was very helpful.”, S.L., COA

    “All material is great and helpful!”, S.R., COA

    “Very interesting and easy to follow!”, J.H., COT

    “It will come in useful with my everyday procedure.”, E.B., COA

    “Well done, detailed yet concise, diagrams very helpful, clear explanations, excellent review.”, P.C., COA

    “The material was presented in a very user friendly manner”, F.L., COA

    was a great review and I will be able to technically explain the pupils
    function and responses to the new techs just starting at our clinic.”,
    D.V., COT

    “very good, very helpful with testing different types of pupils.”, J.E., OA

    “Very helpful, easy to understand.”, C.R., COA

To earn JCAHPO or AOA CPC CE credit you must successfully complete the online post test.

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