Basic Patient Workup and Special Tests


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Course Overview

This course is intended to train beginning and intermediate level
technicians and front office staff in the steps necessary to complete a
basic ophthalmic work up. This course will give a basic foundation to
what the patient work up is like, what testing is done during a patient
work up, and what different testing terminology means. This allows all
ophthalmic staff to gain a solid foundation for what testing is needed
for an ophthalmic exam. The student will learn the following concepts
from this course:

  • List
    the steps included in complete history taking including
    important points to touch on when taking background history
    on patients.
  • Be able to document a history
  • Describe how to elicit and document a complete chief complaint
  • List the steps to follow to perform a full work up on a patient
  • Describe how to evaluate pupils including how to document an APD
  • Describe how to perform and document confrontational visual fields
  • Describe how to perform and document version testing
  • List the steps for checking intraocular pressure by applanation
  • Identify the most commonly used dilation drops
  • Describe when to do a BAT
  • Identify what BAT results could mean
  • List the steps to BAT testing
  • Describe how PAM testing works
  • List the steps to do PAM testing
  • Identify what Stereo testing is
  • List the steps in Stereo testing
    Document stereo testing results
  • Describe how to perform color testing with the Ishihara test plates
  • Document color vision testing done with Ishihara test plates
  • Describe how to perform the Worth 4 Dot test
  • Interpret results from the Worth 4 Dot test
  • Identify what a Tonopen is and what measurement it is used for
  • Identify the correct endpoint in taking manual K�s
  • List the steps in appropriate order for taking manual K�s

Here is what some ophthalmic personnel who took this course had to say:

“Very good information for someone just starting in our field.” K.H., COT

“VERY infomational and LOVE the suggested pt questions given. It was very helpful even to a experienced tech.” E.G., COT

“Very clear and easily explained!” L.G., COA

“Very clear and concise!” J.A., COT

“Great review.” F.L., COA

“I thought this was very nice -well done.” K.M., COA

“Very nicely done…..” E.A., COT

“Great review.” F.L., COA

“enjoyed taking this organized review” E.M., COT

“the online class was good information, was able to learn some new things today” D.D., COA

“please make up more tests like this as it is hard to get to lectures that have ce’s thank you” J.B., COT

course offers a post test allowing for review of the material and
assesment of staff who are using this material for training purposes.

completion of this section the student will take a post-test
that will test his/her knowledge of the items mentioned above.
You must correctly answer at least 15 of the 20 questions on the open
book post test. If you do not successfully pass the post
test the first time you may try again at no expense to you.

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