.COA Practice Test A and B


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Course Overview

COA Practice Test A and B:

our COA practice tests to help you review for the JCAHPO COA
Certification exam. We offer 2 different practice tests with different
questions on each test. These practice tests are in the same format
(multiple choice) as the JCAHPO COA Certification exam. Each test
includes 225 practice questions with answer key included. You will not
earn JCAHPO CE credits using these practice tests, but you will be able
to assess your knowledge of the material covered on the JCAHPO COA
Certification exam. Order one practice test for $15.00 or both for
$25.00. Ordering both practice tests gives you more questions to study
from and it allows you to take one test, grade it, find out what you
still need to study and then take the second test.

does not sponsor these or any other practice tests. Questions and
material tested is based on the instructors’ interpretation of the
content areas outlined in the JCAHPO Criteria for Certification and Recertification
handbook, and the providers of these practice tests have no direct
knowledge of the specific certification examination questions.

tests are designed to give you practice on questions that test the
material listed on the JCAHPO examination study guide in content areas
1-6, which are the content areas covered on the COA test.

cost to purchase and download either practice test A or practice test B
is $15.00. Save $5.00 by purchasing them both at the same time (choose
Practice Test A&B at checkout). Upon purchase you may view the
test questions on the computer or print them off to view. You will also
be given an answer key to check your answers. We suggest that you take
the practice test and then check your answers. Review the information
that is tested in the questions you missed, then take the second
practice test to recheck your knowledge. Practice test A is the same
practice test that is included in our COA Prep Course. If you would
like a comprehensive review course for the COA certification exam you
may purchase our COA Prep Course and that will include practice test A
with it. If you have already purchased our COA Prep course and would
like a second practice test you should purchase practice test B.

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