Glaucoma Overview


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Course Overview

course is intended for beginning and
intermediate levels.

After completing this section the student should be able to do the following:

  • Describe principle functions of aqueous humor
  • Discuss how the aqueous humor normally flows through the anterior chamber
  • Define terminology associated with glaucoma
  • Identify characteristics of the different methods of measuring the IOP
  • Explain the significance of pachymetry readings and IOP
  • Identify normal corneal thickness measurements
  • Identify normal Cup to disc ratios
  • Explain the significance of the C/D ratio
  • List types of optic disc damage that may occur from Glaucoma
  • Identify characteristics of instruments used to measure nerve fiber layer thickness
  • Identify characteristics of visual field testing
  • Identify the names of eye drops used to treat Glaucoma

Here is what some ophthalmic personnel who took this course had to say:

“good review. Very well organized” T.K., COT

“Wonderful class” L.W., COA

“Great diagrams” Y.R., COA

“the material was very helpful and informative.” L.G., COA

“Very good information. Clearly explained!” L.G., COA

“Very informative” A.P., COA

This course should take approximately one hour to complete.

must correctly answer at least 15 of the 20 questions on the open book
post test. If you do not successfully pass the
post test the first time you may try again at no expense to you.

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