Optics Overview


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Course Overview

This course is intended for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

After completing this section the student should be able to do the following:

  • Identify light rays with the shortest and longest wavelengths
  • List the colors in the visible light spectrum from shortest to longest wavelength
  • Identify the wavelength of red light
  • Identify the wavelength of violet light
  • Describe the Quantum theory
  • State the speed of light in a vacuum
  • Describe the wave theory including the 2 factors that affect how light rays will be bent
  • Define Index of refraction
  • Define reflection and how the angle of reflection relates to the angle of incidence
  • Identify light rays that are in phase and light rays that are not in phase
  • Describe how light reacts when they pass through a prism
  • Identify converging and diverging lenses as plus and/or minus lenses
  • Find the focal point of a lens with a known power
  • Identify where the focal points of plus powered versus minus powered lenses fall
  • Find the displacement of an image given the power of a prism
  • Find the sphere cylinder equivalent of a given prescription
  • Transpose a prescription from minus to plus cylinder and vice versa
  • Identify types of lens aberrations
  • Describe minification and magnification aberrations and why they occur
  • Use Prentice�s rule to find induced prism
  • Describe the base curve of a lens and what is used to measure it
  • Identify the refractive power of the lens and cornea
  • Describe the physiology of an emmetropic, myopic, hyperopic, and astigmatic eye
  • Calculate the far point of an eye given the refractive error
  • Define with the rule, against the rule, and oblique astigmatism
  • Understand the types of astigmatism- simple myopic, compound myopic, simple hyperopic, compound hyperopic, mixed
  • Calculate
    total prism effect OU when given prism amounts for OD and OS-
    understand how prism in each eye affects total prism amounts

Here is what some ophthalmic personnel who took this course had to say:

“this was a great indepth course in optics.” M.M., COT

“Wonderful explanations of a difficult subject- very useful for preparing for certification exams!” L.C., COMT

This course should take approximately one hour to complete.

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