Retinoscopy (Plus Cylinder)


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Course Overview

This course is in power point format and includes multiple simulations to aid you in the understanding of how to perform retinoscopy.

This course has been awarded 1.5 JCAHPO A Credits. It is intended for beginning and intermediate levels.

After completing this section the student should be able to do the following:

  • Identify the parts on the phoropter
  • Define Refraction and retinoscopy
  • Describe how to properly position a patient behind the phoropter
  • State the purpose of retinoscopy
  • List the steps for checking near vision through the phoropter
  • Identify the Prince Rule for a phoropter
  • State which way the sphere dial should be moved to change the sphere power in the plus direction
  • State which way the sphere dial should be moved to change the sphere power in the minus direction
  • Identify the cylinder axis dial
  • Identify the cylinder power dial
  • Describe how the retinoscope is used in retinoscopy
  • State the significance of the sleeve on the retinoscope
  • List the main steps to getting a patient ready to retinoscope
  • Identify and define WITH movement
  • Describe why WITH movement happens
  • Identify and define AGAINST movement
  • Describe why AGAINST movement happens
  • Identify and define the NEUTRAL reflex
  • Describe why the NEUTRAL reflex happens
  • State what steps to take to neutralize WITH movement
  • State what steps to take to neutralize AGAINST movement
  • Identify a spherical eye in retinoscopy simulation
  • Identify an astigmatic eye in retinoscopy simulation
  • Locate the axis of astigmatism in retinoscopy simulation
  • Neutralize an eye�s refractive error in retinoscopy simulation
  • Define working distance
  • State how to take away your working distance
  • Identify which meridian to neutralize first- WITH or AGAINST
  • Identify the final retinoscope RX looking at the phoropter

Here is what some ophthalmic personnel who took this course had to say:

LOVED this course! It was extremely helpful in refreshing my memory on
performing refractions, since I have been out of the work-force for such
a long time! I now feel confident to begin refracting once I start my
new job. Thanks! This was just what I needed!” .S.L, COMT


“This review was exactly what I needed to increase my skill and confidence.” A.E., COT

“Challenging but well organized. I think I’ll be able to try it on my own.” T.K., COT

“I finally understand with and against motion! This made learning to retinoscope much easier, thank you!” N.K., COA

“Very Good.” J.M., COT

“Excellent!” C.G., COT

“Great simulation, thanks for putting this together.” D.E.B., COT

This course should take approximately one and a half hours to complete.

must correctly answer at least 20 of the 26 questions on the open book
post test to earn JCAHPO or AOA CPC credit. If you do not successfully
pass the post test the first time you may try again at no expense to

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