Slit Lamp Exam


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Course Overview

This course is intended for
beginning and intermediate levels. After completing this
course, the student should be able to:

  • Label the parts of the slit lamp
  • Describe how to operate the slit lamp
  • List the different types of illumination
  • Describe when to use the different types of illumination
  • Describe how to perform a slit lamp exam
  • Identify
    pathology and anatomy that one should look for on a slit lamp
    exam for the following parts of anatomy: Lids and lashes, Conjunctiva
    and sclera, Cornea, Iris, Anterior chamber, Lens
  • Be able to document a slit lamp exam

course includes several photos thru the slit lamp of ocular pathology
which will aid in the student’s understanding and learning experience.

Here is what some ophthalmic personnel who took this course had to say:

“This particular course was very informative. I learned a few new things. very interesting!” L. B., COT

“Great for beginners” B.A., COMT

“This material will make a great study guide for the COT exam, Thank you!” D.B., COA

“Love the pictures used.” E. G., COA

“Very informative!!” L.G.,COA

“The pictures were extremely helpful and the explanations of the techniques were easy to understand. Thank you!” S.Y., COT

“Always getting asked why this light is on or why this is too dim, now I know. Thanks.” A.N., COA, back office manager

information was a good reminder for specifics. I have been teaching for
3 years and am glad to test my current knowledge and add more to it!
Thanks.” J.C., COT

“Very good, straightforward subject!” E.B., COA

“I thought this was a great help for me to understand more with the slit lamp.” P.B.

“Very impressed with this program!” J.H., COT

“Very easy to understand” F.L., COA

“Very informative , clears up my gray areas on how to use the slit lamp, makes me more comfortable.” O.C., COA

“Great information and organization. Especially liked the diagrams. ” T.K., COT

“This was an excellent course!” P.F., COA

“Very informative and will help a lot when using the slit lamp” A.P., COA

“It was excellent.” J.M., COT

“The material is very infomative, thanks for your help” V.P., COA

“Very good drawings and photos!” M.W., Clinical Coordinator

This course should take approximately one hour to complete.

completion of this section the student will take a post-test
on the concepts listed above. You must correctly answer at
least 15 of the 20 questions on the open book post test.
If you do not successfully pass the post test the first time you may
try again at no expense to you.

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