Pupil Function Simulation


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Course Overview

This course is in power point
format and includes multiple simulations of pupil reactions that you
might encounter in the clinic setting. The course is intended as a
training module for clinical personnel.

simulations are included to aid in your understanding of the pupil and
its functions and reactions. They mimic real pupil reactions so that
you may follow along and see an APD while having it explained to you.
This saves tech training time and allows techs to view and learn about
pupil function and APD/Pupil assesment without having to wait to find a
patient with an APD in the clinic. Once you have completed this course
you should be able to evaluate pupils in the clinic being able to
identify normal pupil reaction, hippus, and APD reactions.

Please note that you will need the most updated power point viewer on
your computer to view the slides in this course. This may be
downloaded for free by using the link on our homepage.

Successful completion of this course will not result in CE hours. It is intended for beginning and intermediate levels.

Upon course completion you will be able to do the follwing:

  • Identify the Pupil
  • Describe what the pupil does in light and dark situations
  • Label the 2 different muscles that control pupil size
  • List the steps to follow to check pupil function
  • Identify normal pupil reaction to light in simulations presented in the course
  • Identify Hippus reaction of the pupil in simulations presented in the course
  • Define APD and Identify an APD in simulations
  • Explain what happens along the pupil pathway in normal pupil function
  • Explain what happens along the pupil pathway in an Afferent pupillary defect
  • Describe the swinging flashlight test
  • Describe the efferent pupil pathway

Here is what some ophthalmic personnel who took this course had to say:

“Great simulations.” G.B., COT

“VERY informative and clear- I really understood” S.R., COA

“The visuals are great teachers!” K.F., COT

” I liked the slide show. great job” M.P., COT

“I enjoyed the simplicity of the program and the detailed information it contained” Y.F.N., COA

“Information was very helpful and I did really like the simulations of pupils.” A.P., COA

course includes a post test for review of material and assesment of
those using this course for training purposes. Successful completion of
the open book online post test is required.

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